Royal Arc provides a variety of companies with training programs, related materials and support services, which encompasses all aspects of industrial and safety training requirements. Royal Arc training programs meet the relevant requirements set forth by ANSI and OSHA, as well as the NCCCO. Royal Arc has developed various programs that meet all of the federal requirements, and complement our Training Series perfectly. The advantage of a Royal Arc training and qualification curriculum is a tremendous benefit to our customer as they understand the importance of job safety. Royal Arc is recognized by the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, OSHA and the NCCCO as an Authorized Provider. The recognition from federal and state organizations allow Royal Arc to award Continuing Education Units that can be applied toward technical certifications as part of a workforce development program. Various colleges have partnered with Royal Arc to offer certifications, which creates an avenue for achieving an Associate’s Degree through participating technical or community colleges. This feature can serve as a benefit for employees and as a workforce development strategy for your company.


Royal Arc provides training courses that give true life scenarios and hands-on visuals for enhanced comprehension. Even the correct equipment becomes dangerous when used incorrectly. Learn the proper rigging procedures for a “Safe Lift, Safe Life.” These OSHA compliant training courses are available at our training centers or on-site at your facility.

Basic Crane & Rigging Training Course Code: BCT-101

This course is our most popular and presents general safety instructions and operations including:

Basic Crane & Rigging Training Course Code: BCT-101

Qualifications required for crane operation Using Hand Signals
Proper Crane Operations (Do’s & Don’ts) Proper usage of Crane Controls
Injury prevention Inspection Requirements
Proper lift setup Overview Rigging & Hitching
Basic Load Physics Overview Chains & Slings
Crane Terminology

Basic Crane & Rigging Training Course Code: BCT-101

Course Number Description Approx Class Length
OSHA-10 OSHA 10 HR 10 hours (2 days)
OSHA-30 OSHA 30 HR 30 hours (4 days)
BCT-101 Basic Crane/Rigging Operator 6 hours (1 day)
ECT-102 Extensive Crane/Rigging 16 hours (2 days)
ICMT-103 Industrial Crane & Maintenance 24 hours (3 days)
ACMT-104 Advanced Crane/Rigging 24 hours (3 days)
BMC-101 Basic Mobile Crane 8 hours (1 day)
AMC-103 3 Day Mobile Crane 24 hours (3 days)
LOT-101 Lock Out / Tag Out 4 hours (1 day)
CSE-101 Confined Space Entry 4 hours (1 day)
FPT-101 Fall Protection 4 hours (1 day)
AFT-101 Arc Flash 4 hours (1 day)
ALT-101 Aerial Lift 4 hours (1 day)
RST-101 Qualified Rigger / Signalperson Taught by NCCCO Practical Examiner 8 hours (1 day)

Course Add-Ons

TT TT Train-the-Trainer
HOI HOI Hands-On Instruction